A platform designed to increase your efficiency

We help agencies collaborate, to improve utilisation rates and client deliveries.

  • Borrow specialists from other agencies.
  • Loan your specialists to other agencies.
  • Collaborate on projects and pitches.

Some of our 150+ agencies

Borrow specialists from other agencies around the world

Find a specialist from another agency to help on your project.

Post your project or pitch requirements.

Negotiate and agree the contract on the platform using standardised contract terms.

Loan your specialists to other agencies, anywhere in the world

Make your specialists available on the platform.

Respond to requests for your specialists from other agencies.

Offer to work with other agencies on projects and pitches.

Frequently asked questions

How do the contracts work?

Contracts are negotiated using the platform's contract negotiation workflow. There are adjustable variables such as dates, deliverables, and rates, but the fundamental contract terms are standardised and defined in the Terms of Service. The contract is formed between the two agencies involved.

Where are the agencies and consultancies based?

At the moment most of our companies are based in the United Kingdom, and our platform operates only in GBP and is governed by the laws of England and Wales. However, we are accepting companies from around the world on to the platform.

How does the commission fee work?

The full pricing details can be found on our Pricing page. It's free to create an account, have a look around the platform, add your specialists, and search for specialists from other agencies.

Who is this platform for?

This platform is for agencies and consultancies operating in the digital, creative, advertising, and PR industries. It is not for non-agency clients and it is not for freelancers or independent consultants.

Why would I loan out specialists from my agency?

We are finding there are many reasons for agencies to loan out their specialists. The most obvious is that if you have spare capacity then it is a method of bringing in additional revenue. It can also be used to broaden the industry and project experience of your specialists, which is good for both you and the specialist.

Why would I borrow a specialist from another agency?

Finding quality talent is hard. The ability to borrow from other agencies gives you another source of potential short term talent beyond your normal freelancers and contractors. You also have the reputation of the agency behind the specialist that you are borrowing.